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Video Production

Ron Schuster has been involved in producing commercial and educational video since 1996 for numerous clients from many 

various industries including: manufacturing, real estate, executive suites, resort properties, and mutual funds. His more recent work focused on the Veterinary industry.

A video production is most successful with careful budgeting, detailed planning and execution. A typical video shoot might include a videoographer with video camera or video capable DSLR, wireless  mics, lighting, drones, actors, music, graphics and editing .

A few things we recommend for your consideration: What is the end use of the video? Do you want music and voice-over narration in the background? What resolution do you think you need? Will you need graphics and titles? What about actors and make-up? Where will your video be airing or will you making the video available for upload?

Our focus at WhatisReel? is to provide expert advice, direction and exceptional quality -  all on time and within your budget. We invite you make contact to discuss your project!

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