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Ron Schuster has shot architecture for the balance of his career and recalls (not so fondly) the days of bulky large format cameras, a need for a number of expensive lenses,  4"x5" film, hot changing bags, film processing and expensive scanning fees. We have come along way since then as "High-Res" digital images can be achieved on a noticeably more modest budget. All images are captured in RAW format or jpeg (for HDR processing) using a Canon 50MP camera and professional grade lenses. Images are processed and set-up to the dimensions and resolution you require using a specialized RAW processing application.


Outdoor shoots are weather dependent and access to the roof tops of adjacent buildings must be pre-arranged / authorized. Please consider the best time of day to capture the views you are looking for and be sure to plan ahead!

If you need images captured from a high vantage point, the rental of a scissor-lift platform can be arranged or the high vantage point images can be captures utilizing a Drone outfitted with a 4K camera.* Please call to discuss your project.

* a 4K drone typically captures stills with 12~18MP resolution.

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