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The three phases of production.

The first phase is "Pre-production and needs analysis". In this phase, we collectively discuss the details of your project including how and where you wish to use your custom images or video production. More specific to video production, it is important to note that the cost of elements like music or a voice professional (for the script narration) can change according to where the video will be seen.  Once we learn about your needs, we provide a quote including all production elements and the related price. You will also receive our best estimate as to a completion date according to your timeline.


The second phase is "Production" during which we "produce the ingredients"  needed to create your content to specification. Some shoots require multiple dates of engagement, others can be complete in just a few short hours. A great example of how elaborate this phase can be, is in the example of video production.  A video requires the greatest number of "ingredients"  to "bake your cake"  and may include: concept development, music selection, script development, sound/voice-over production, models or actors, shot list creation,  Videographer(s),  and of course, once all has been coordinated, the shoot itself.

The third and final phase is "Post-Production and finishing". This is in this final phase during which: images are processed from their RAW format, 3D interactive tours are constructed, images are airbrushed or video editing is completed -  possibly over two or three drafts. Other elements of post production include:  creation of motion graphics, titles and transcoding video and framing finished artwork.

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