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Veterinary Industry

Having visited many veterinary websites, many “About Us” pages introduce the hospital care team with a mish-mash of snapshot images at varying levels of quality.  We believe engaging, fun images that celebrate the bond your team has with their pets contributes to your clients' level of trust and  peace of mind. Taking the time to create high quality and consistent images mirrors your  commitment to practicing high quality medicine.


All headshot sessions are conducted in or near your clinic.  We encourage your staff to bring their favorite four legged or feathered friend (or friends) and a few treats to reward them .


Typically, we spend 10-15 minutes with each team member and suggest you all wear matching scrub tops and pants. Veterinarians can wear their white coats, scrubs or hospital branded golf shirts.  We suggest multi vet teams discuss the “look” they are going for ahead of time and everyone come prepared.  Make-up services are not automatically included, but can be arranged at your request and pricing is adjusted according to the number of team members. 

We suggest workflow photography to give your clients  a unique “behind-the-scenes” look at your typical day, showing your team doing what they love -  be sure to include all the members of your team to show them they are valued members of your team. . You may even consider inviting your favorite clients and their "fur babies " to get involved in the shoot. A workflow photoshoot typically lasts between two and three hours and is a popular add-on to team headshots.

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