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  Communication Tools for Veterinarians...

Here is a sampling of recent video productions for the Veterinary industry.  Some include professional voice over, All have music, some even are created on the basis of an interview with Veterinarians and team members. Dependent on how you want to make these videos available to your clients, videos can be embedded to your website or you can link to them from YouTube. They can also be made available for download especially if they are instructional in nature.  

Another popular way to use videos in to add them to the programming on your reception area TV, on your exam room Computer screens or Monitors.  you may even want to post them to your favorite social media site or create your own YouTube Channel. 

Feel free to visit the contact page and provide informtion so you can start the process of creating your own video productions. You will also find a link to a useful video survey that will assist me in understanding your needs.

Video Gallery