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The art you display should be more than posters and Norman Rockwell reproductions. I believe the art you display can be a statement about you and your practice, adding a highly personalized element to your environment. Art can evoke feelings of positivity, empathy and other desirable emotional responses enhancing the Client/Pet experience.  Although Stock photography is an acceptable low cost alternative it not yours or your team member's pets, or your favorite client's loyal friend. We have the unique opportunity to discuss the kind of art you wantand how you want to use it. Popular uses are framed art  for front office and exam rooms or for use on your sign, privacy screens or window vinyl.  

During your team photoshoot we can start the process of creating custom art by capturing your pets in all their glory. If you have an urban or country theme we can venture outside the clinic to the location(s) of your choice to capture one-of-a-kind images,  just what the Doctor ordered! 

Due to the highly custom nature of this kind of shoot, a few preliminary conversations about theme and look are helpful and an estimate of costs will be provided for your consideration. 

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