I bring more than 20 years of tried and true photography and video experience along with valuable insight, instrumental in creating great images or forming the message, look and feel of your video. I take pride in providing my clients with a heart-warming experience and an engaging, emotional product. 

 I have been privileged to work with a number of notable clients such as: Bata Shoes, Athletes World, Aeroplan, Nike, Pepsi, Quaker, Tropicana, Cadillac Fairview and BridgeStreet Accommodations. More recently with my focus on the Veterinary industry i have worked with CEVA Animal Health, the OVMA and a host of Animal Hospitals across Ontario.   

Although my first love is photography and video, I did make a departure from both as a full time gig and spent six years as a sale rep within the Veterinary industry. During this time I came to a realization… my love for the industry (fostered by my wife of 17 years from the day we met) coupled with my love for the bond we share with our pets, was a compelling reason for me to re-launch WhatisReel? with an industry focus.

 I am a true pet lover and advocate for responsible pet parenting, Animal welfare and exceptional veterinary care. I hope you see the value in photography and video services catering to Veterinarians and would love to help tell your story,...  show your passion for the care you provide!

About WhatisReel?

My name is Ron Schuster and I established WhatisReel? Photographic & Video Production in 1993. After pursuing a Film Degree in University, I arrived in Ontario and opened my studio, then focusing primarily on photography for fashion and corporate clients in the GTA.  In 1997 I actively started producing videos for the Toronto Real Estate and Executive Suites markets.


WhatisReel? Photographic & Video Production

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